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Hey, I take donations so I can replace gear and add more to my services of teaching. Whatever you can do, I am very grateful. Thank you.

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Free Video Lessons

Hey! You have landed on the page I figure might get the most visitors. I mean, who doesn't want free stuff? I definitely do! I am happy to put together informative and fun video lessons to help you in your drumming journey. Now, I need to make money just like everyone else. Gotta have a roof over my drums... and my family of course. And as I certainly earn enough with lessons and classes to get by, all these drums, sticks, computer, software, and so on, all need to be upgraded or replaced. I could try the old business strategy and apply for a bank loan.  Hmph...but....with all these crowdfunding sites out there and so many awesome folks just like you donating to their favorite organization or start-up, this sounds like a much better idea. 

If your heart is tugging at you to help my program, I will be forever grateful.  Simply click on the Paypal link here.    


Paradiddle drum beat

Jazz in 5/4 drum beat "Take 5" -simplified

Independence, Technique, and Coordination

Accent permutation with sixteenth notes

Shuffle pattern with one hand

How to's

The Boom Boom Bap beat

Drums are SUPER LOUD!  

Here is a cheap muffling alternative

to make them quieter.

(I say um quite a bit at the beginning.  I am so annoying.)

Here's a great orchestral percussion resource.

Click the link to take you to a website featuring percussion tutorials.

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