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Happy students and musicians....



"You’re an amazing teacher, by far the best I’ve ever worked with." - Eric M

"Meshem is not only an experienced drummer who knows what he's talking about, but he is also an experienced teacher. He teaches exactly what i need to learn to become the kind of drummer I strive to be." - Jesse Knorr

"Meshem, I am very pleased with the pace of which I feel I am learning, Your teaching style has made it very comfortable and I am glad I went with you, Your passion for your art shows in your lessons, I would HIGHLY recommend you to others and I am looking forward to our next sessions. Feel free to use my statement. " - Ed Guest 

"Meshem is one of great instructor that I've ever met. His teaching method is professional and easy to follow. The most important thing is Meshem's class is so fun. Always I felt 30 minutes long class felt like one minute. Is anybody looking for Drum class, I won't hesitate to recommend to meet Meshem."- Jun Choi

"We have tried other drum teachers in town and none compare to Meshem. Well worth waiting for a spot to open up. My 14 year old looks forward to his lessons every week." - Heidi Wright

"Ryan is SUPER STOKED about the drums. When we were outside Dana asked him what he liked best and he said “I really like the way my teacher teaches. When I got frustrated he understood.” I was grateful to be able to see you in action, I really like your style. Thank you so much for reaching out, and thank you for having such a positive effect on Ryan during his first lesson." - Rick M


"My son has been taking lessons with Meshem for the past year. I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful instructor Meshem is. He is patient, kind, funny and really has a way with kids. Besides the drumming skills my son has also gained self confidence, his grades have improved and he has found something he is passionate about. I believe that Meshem's love of music and teaching has made a huge difference in my son's life. I would recommend Meshem to anyone!" - Jennifer D


"To anyone who is thinking of taking drum lessons from Meshem Jackson ..... DO IT!!!! I am a parent of one of his students and my son and I could not be happier with the instruction he gets from Meshem. Great teacher, great school, great program." - Adam Berejkoff


"I don't think I could have found a better instructor for my 8-year-old son. Meshem is intelligent, relaxed, talented, and funny. He has the unique ability to make the difficult very easy, especially for kids. Just an all-around great guy and friend!" - Cory C

"Meshem is an amazing artist and I am honored to have my son taking lessons with him. I have seen him in sessions with other students and he has such a great rapport with the kids. They trust him, take him seriously and think he is cool all at the same time! My son has ADHD and autistic like behavior which has caused him to be very behind in school. When no one else could get through to him Meshem did. I have seen so much growth in my son in the past year and he finally feels like he can be good at something. Thank you Meshem for helping my son feel good about himself!" - Tami Chapin

Update: "Guess what I was told at conferences? That Cameron is his best drummer and actually gave the teacher goosebumps the other day while playing. Hmmmm wonder how he got so good?" - Tami Chapin

"I am so impressed with Daltons growth over the last 3 months. He has learned more from you than he did over the last two years with his other teacher. He is excited to practice and go to lessons. He loves it." -- Kimmy Sue 

"Meshem is a very skilled drummer who is consistent in his teaching and always offers challenges for my daughter with every lesson. I appreciate that he doesn't rush her into the new lessons and will instead goes at her "pace" so that she can learn at her own speed without feeling pressured." - Jennifer Clark, mother of drum student.



A little love from my students...

And a little love from artists...

“Also, last night sounded awesome bro. You lit it on fire and everyone commented on how tight the band was to me…. Musicians told me that too. So basically, you nailed it and made it sound great… thank you for slaying a dragon last night with us. It was a night I won’t forget.” - Eric Tollefson, Seattle Artist 

“I want you as my permanent drummer!!” - Darian Mahaney, American Idol Season 11 contestant 

“Meshem is the kind of drummer who makes the music feel great.  He has that undefinable quality of infectious groove, and he knows how to get just the right feel to suit the song. I’ve played with a lot of great drummers, and Meshem’s one of my favorites!” – Rob Larkin, artist, Spectra Records.

“Great playing with you Meshem. You are a true professional. Thank you for learning all our songs in such a short time and putting so much effort and passion into the “September Stayed.” We were very fortunate to have you for the 2 kick-ass shows in Bend and hopefully we will have many more to come. Will miss playing with you but next time we’re up here, we will rock it again.” - Joseph Eid, Los Angeles

“Had a great experience working on “Raise My Voice” with you; great job on the percussion and pure professionalism. Looking forward to our next effort!”
- John Alarcon, RN Artist

“Meshem nailed it last night on the drums! So thankful he came in to lay it down… “- Jared Delaney, Facebook artist page post

“Epic show! You're an awesome drummer man! Had a blast playing with you. Lookin' forward to playing with you again!” -

Jaren Brown, guitarist

“You have great talent I personally think is bigger than the band…meaning no disrespect of band, just can hear your the strength of the song…my honest opinion from what I heard.” – Janellybean

“You guys rock. I love your concept, musicianship, and style. This is a great album. I intend to play it again and again. [Kousefly's album 'Down by a Billion']” - “Dori Donoho – The Homegrown Music Showcase

"Thanks for another great collab experience on "Dreamscape" ... I can't say enough about how great (and completely painless) it is to work with you -- I hope that we continue to work together long into the future! You da man!!"  - West Coast Johnny's Circus Sideshow

"Meshem is an incredibly talented and hardworking session drummer. I've had the great fortune to work with him on many shows and recordings. He's thoughtful, a great teacher and, in my opinion, defines the term professional musician." - Brian Hinderberger

"Impressive indeed!!! Your love for drumming rings through in your fantastic percussion work!!! Outstanding!!! Enjoyed my visit and your splendid music!!! Big Love and Best Wishes Always!!!" - Destination Dawn

"Was just hashing through current releases today and loving the percussion you worked up for The Dance. It's not a song that one might consider a toe-tapper, but that's what I always see people doing... your rocked it outta the park!" - John Alarcon

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